The Over the Hill Band

The Over the Hill Band

The Over the Hill Band

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Well out of the spotlight and into the twilight of her life, 70 year-old Claire (Marilou Mermans) is at cross-roads. A respected chanteuse back in the days of old with darling dames The Sisters of Love , she longs to get back together with the girls for one more song. Rocked by the sudden passing of her beloved husband, she decides to grip life by the microphone stand and mount a return to the stage, enlisting the help of her wayward son Sid (Jan Van Looveren). A rebellious musician himself, Sid is tasked with the unenviable challenge of bringing The Sisters of Love to a whole new audience, but only on his own terms and to the rhythm of a totally new beat. Dubbing them The Over the Hill Band he sets an outrageous song list of generation-bending hip-hop arrangements and prepares to pump up the volume the only way he knows how.
Geoffrey Enthoven
The Over the Hill Band
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