Frequently Asked Questions - Our Kiosks

A Video Ezy Express kiosk is a Movie Rental Vending Machine that allows you to rent the latest new release movies on DVD and/or Blu-Ray. Our kiosks can hold up to a total of 900 movies based on the kiosk model.
You don’t need to sign up prior to renting from a Kiosk, upon your first rental with us a membership account will automatically be created for you, all you need to so is add your email address and mobile phone number to your account upon checking out for the first time. You can update your details at by contacting us on the below details, or by pressing the edit button upon your next hire. The payment card you use on your first rental will then act as your membership card for all future hires from any Video Ezy Express kiosk across Australia.
As our kiosks are operated by Franchisees, each kiosk price is determined and set by the Franchisee and generally ranging from $1 to $5. Check your local kiosk to see what special offers are available.
Simply browse and select your new release movie using the touch-screen. Add your movie selections to your shopping cart by pressing the RENT button. To add multiple items, click the Rent More button to continue browsing.
When you have completed your selection, simply click the CHECKOUT button and ensure the final payment amount is correct. Follow the prompts to pay using a valid VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card.
Once payment is approved, your selections will dispense from the COLLECT slot of the machine. Your email address will be sent a receipt, which tells you when your rentals are due.
STEP 1 – Touch the RETURN button on the main screen
STEP 2 – Insert your case into the return slot slowly
STEP 3 – Wait until you see a final screen confirming your rental is 100% complete
The rental T&C’s can be found on our website at or by reviewing them on the kiosk art checkout. By swiping your payment card at the kiosk, you are accepting the rental T&C’s.
As we have 2 types of kiosks, a kiosk with 2 screens and a kiosk with 1 screen, you can only return to the same type of kiosk. I.e. you can only return a disc rented form a kiosk with 1 screen to any other kiosk with 1 screen. Feel free to contact us on 1300 067 113 and we can check for your nearest compatible kiosk.
You can rent up to 4 items on your card at any one time.
We accept valid Mastercard & VISA credit/debit cards. Our kiosks currently do not accept AMEX or pre-paid VISA or Mastercards.
Our systems cannot view or capture your sensitive data. We use the latest in Card readers with compliance to the relevant industry standards (PCI DSS, EMV) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which is the industry standard to commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number and name so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the network.
All rentals are due back the next day by 9pm, or by the closing time of the premises the Kiosk is located. You can also find the return time and due date on your receipt that is emailed to you.
All the DVD’s in our kiosks are overnight rentals, although our customers are more than welcome to hold on to a particular DVD for more than one day. Each extra day the disc is kept will incur an Extended Rental fee at the nightly base rate of the kiosk. This fee accumulates until they reach our maximum fee of $35. Upon return your card will be automatically charged any applicable extended rental fees. If our attempt to process these fees on your card is unsuccessful at the time of return, an automatic payment cycle process will occur, until the extended rental fees have been paid.
We use your email address primarily to provide you with transactional receipts. We also send out weekly updates as to all the latest titles you can expect to see the next time you are at your local Kiosk. These newsletters may also from time to time include special discounts or other product promotions. We will not rent or sell your email address to any third party.
A Promo Code is a set of letters/numbers you enter during the checkout process to receive a special offer. To apply a Promo Code to your transaction, select the ‘Add Promo Code’ button and type in your code. Be sure to keep your email address and mobile number updated so you don’t miss out on receiving Promo Codes. Only 1 Promo Code can be used per transaction.
If you identify that a disc we’ve dispensed is either physically damaged, or you’re having difficulties playing it, please contact our friendly Customer Care team.
A Free Overnight Rental Voucher will be issued for the nominated ‘Rental Guarantee’ title if the nominated title is unavailable to rent. Normal membership & hiring conditions apply. Limited time only. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Limit of one voucher per membership. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. Late fees/Extended rental fees will be charged at the regular overnight new release rental rate. Offer only available from shelf date of nominated title.
Look for the Rental Guarantee logo on selected titles eligible for this offer.

For all enquiries relating to individual terms of service, please contact Video Ezy.
If you’d like to talk to us we’d love to hear from you

Please call 1300 067 113
10am – 8pm daily
Or send an email to