Paw Patrol: Summer Rescues
Rating: G
Release Date: 14/01/2019
Category: Children / Family
Directed By
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Movie Details: Pups Save the Fireworks - Ryder and Marshall track down the missing Adventure Bay Day fireworks, while Chase and Skye round up the piglets that were delivered by mistake. Pups Save the Carnival - The pups investigate the disappearance of prizes at a carnival. Pups Save a Ferris Wheel Ryder uses the Air Patroller to stop a runaway ferris wheel and return it to City Hall. Pups Save a Camping Trip - A cool camping trip turns into a risky rescue when the pups work together to save Chickaletta from a ravine. Pups Save Dude Ranch - Danny Chase and Skye search for Daring Danny X after he takes his horse on a wild off-trail ride through the desert. Pups Save the Chili Cook-Off - Rocky and Rubble must work together to fix Mr. Porters stove after it explodes at the big Chili Cook-Off. Pups Save a Sleepover - When Farmer Al s animals go missing during a sleepover, its up to the PAW Patrol to rescue them before a big storm arrives. Pups Save a Windsurfing Pig - When Farmer Al s pig Cornelius goes windsurfing, the PAW Patrol must set sail to bring him back to shore.