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About Us

Video Ezy has the proud distinction of being one of Australia's best-loved brands. As a household name for over two decades, Video Ezy has and always will strive for excellence in home entertainment, delivering to its members a service that is dynamic and innovative with a focus on quality and value for money. Here are some highlights of the Video Ezy story:

  • Video Ezy opened its first store in Hurstville, Sydney, in 1983. Video Ezy quickly expanded and soon became Australia's number one choice in home entertainment and now boasts 375 stores nationwide.
  • Video Ezy's Movie Guarantee ("Get it first time, or get it free") was launched in 1993 and reshaped the home entertainment industry forever. Increases in copy depth for major titles became an industry standard, customer satisfaction reached an all-time high and the Movie Guarantee model received international praise as one of the most innovative and industry-defining campaigns ever embarked upon.
  • Video Ezy opened its first international store in New Zealand in 1988, with the Master Licence commencing in 1991, there are now 147 stores in New Zealand.
  • Video Ezy expanded into the South East Asian market in March 1999. This market was considered by many as an impossible market to conquer, given the impact of piracy, but when Video Ezy opened its first store in Bangkok, it became apparent that consumers were enthusiastic for quality product and a brand they could trust.
  • The early success of Video Ezy's Thailand store led to further expansion throughout Asia. Video Ezy is now a truly international brand, with its 375 stores in Australia, 119 in New Zealand, 65 in Thailand, 130 in Indonesia, 16 in Singapore and 13 in Malaysia. It is a testament to the Video Ezy systems and the dedication of our Master Licencees to see the Video Ezy brand so successfully positioned in the international arena.
  • Australia was one of the first countries in the world to embrace the DVD format, and Video Ezy was the first home entertainment company to commit to the new technology, stocking DVDs in the majority of its stores long before any other home entertainment franchise.
  • Over the years, Video Ezy has forged strong synergetic partnerships with other brands such as McDonalds, Coke, Smiths, Virgin Mobile and Pizza Hut.
  • Video Ezy has developed significant points of difference in the marketplace over the years with its own range of Ezy Exclusive releases. Award-winning titles such as Dinotopia (winner of the 2003 Award for Best Special Feature), TV's Will & Grace (winner of 12 Emmy Awards), and Steven Spielberg's sci-fi hit Taken (winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries) have been some of the highlights of Video Ezy's Exclusive range.
  • In 2003, Video Ezy was first to market a subscription model with DVD Unlimited, a move to meet consumer demand and forge a new direction for the home entertainment rental industry.
  • Throughout 2005, Video Ezy introduced designer categories to its stores to cover the niche markets of the industry. An often ignored realm of the home entertainment industry, this new focus on categories such as Eastern Eye (Asian Cinema), TV Series on DVD and World Cinema did more than simply satisfy the entertainment needs of consumers already seeking a broad range of these unique films, it opened up a whole new world of entertainment to viewers who had never ventured into these niche categories.
  • In the busiest hour on an average Saturday, Video Ezy stores serve approximately 100,000 Australians.
  • In 2005, a Brand Charter for Video Ezy was established. The focal point of this Charter was the consensus that the desired response to Video Ezy from its members is: "I belong to Video Ezy because it gives me easy access to the entertainment I want." Making this statement true for all our customers - and those customers yet to join - should be the aim of every Video Ezy employee.
  • In August, 2005 Paul Uniacke together with Eddie Nedelko who between them owned 18 Video Ezy stores in Victoria purchased the shares held in Video Ezy Australasia Pty Ltd by Perpetual Trustees and Ivany Investments making them the major shareholders in Video Ezy.
  • Eddie Nedelko joined the Video Ezy franchise community in 1992 and Paul Uniacke in 1995. Between them their stores have won numerous Video Ezy Awards at Video Ezy National Conferences over the years and their store standards are class leading.

This represents an enormous vote of confidence in the future of the Video Ezy franchise organisation with strong emphasis on franchise operations at store level.

Read about our Charity Affiliation here.

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